a boiler interrupts Drumagully

H___ and I have just returned from a few days resting and relaxing on the Causeway Coast, first in Ballycastle and then a lovely little hostel in Downhill. It was nice to get away towards the elements and escape the normal routine of life here in Lisburn.

Then we came home.

H___ was singing upstairs when I opened the email from a friend and saw a message ‘Please Pray’ from a person who wouldn’t be in the habit of writing that in an email.
So I knew it was bad had even before I opened the email.
When I opened the email well… it was far worse than could have been expected.

It was the sort of news that made you feel ill and sick inside and even beginning to multiply the consequences of the tragedy for those involved was enough to make you wonder how or why or what and then run away from it. The only prayer I think of saying is the line from an old Vigilantes of Love song

‘Earth has no Sorrow Heaven Can’t Heal’

I hope to God that’s true.

While we stayed at Downhill I didn’t have a chance to do much music recording but I did manage to capture the sound of a  stream rolling down  hill past the hostel towards Benone strand. It was incredibly relaxing listening to it….but then the sound of a boiler firing up and trying to bully the stream stomped in an imposed its will. I’m not trying to equate this to the news or experience of a personal and community tragedy like the one above, but there was something about recording the stream and boiler last night and receiving the tragic email this afternoon that hammered home the point that there is no such thing as perfect peace or shielding from noise, death, pollution, chaos, awful things happening, fear….I’m not sure what the right word or phrase should be. Safety?Home? Perfect peace?
Don’t know. I’m struggling for words.



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