deadmau5 and rob bell,john (maris) piper

Well my rocket has appeared and is growing well in the good weather of the last few days. And we”re going to the north coast for a couple of days of fun so before we go I thought I should give the rocket some water. The winter had generously filled our little green watering can with rain and snow water. It was one of those moments when your plans to live a more sustainable lifestyle come to together and you feel like Tom in some episode of The Good Life.

But wait a minute. Why does my compost smell like the sewage works near Hilden? I don’t remember it being smelly before. Oh, did I dissolve some chicken manure in the watering can last year for the  tomatoes and forget to rinse it out?

Careless boy!

But no, H____ would have kicked up a stink about that if I hadn’t washed the watering can out properly…..oooooohhhhhhhhh…there is always the possibility that….please don’t let it be true…..oh, I just know what’s happened now……..yip, just as I suspected….a little drowned deadmau5 at the bottom of the water can in its watery grave now lovingly sprinkled over our nice rocket leaves…….great………….anyone want some of my tasty rocket…

and another thing. Irish roadside picnic sites. Why are they always placed in places that no sane person would want to have a picnic?Usually in a dip, behind a large hawthorn hedgerow with views of the A29 and large orange chip van doing all day breakfasts. It’s like a challenge to put a picnic stop in the most unattractive part of the world.

finally, I was wondering how many extra people would read this blog post about a dead mouse at the bottom of a watering can and the position of picnic sites here in Ireland all the way through if I tagged it with Rob Bell/John Piper.


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