dover sole

This post will be the thoughts of a man who is clearly heading toward the middle age foot hills on this his 33 birthday. Yes, deprived of Facebook where people who I don’t really know that well might well be saying things like ‘Happy Birthday Dave!’ or even ‘Happy Birthday Dave I have resorted to telling the passing internet traffic on the wilderness of this blog post hoping to get some birthday love here. And to celebrate I am now going to blog about the merits of the Dover sole.

Dover sole is usually quite pricey at the market but today it seemed to be plentiful and good value (4 for £10) so I bought a couple home with me for the first time. It’s quite an unusual sort of fish because it’s flavour gets a lot better a few days after it has been caught unlike other fish.

You can also peel the thick skin off in one go  (like taking off a sock.)

This is the recipe I used.Just fried for 4 minutes on each side, then had it with a lemony butter  sauce. And tasty it was as well.

It’s probably not the type of fish to be eating every week (expensive) but its tasty.

Middle age foothills here I come.


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