For someone who is trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle I have a guilty secret. I have a terrible track record for plastic bag hording. It was a great move by the Irish Government when we lived in Dublin to charge 15c for each plastic bag and they should do the same here in Northern Ireland. But because I am the most disorganized waster in the world (and they’re free as well) we come back from the shop with a couple of plastic bags from each trip.

The plastic bags sit in the corner condemning me as I past, pointing their fingers and taunting me about my lack of sustainable skills. So I feel the need to do something good with them. A few weeks ago (until I lost the  blue plastic needle I was using) I decided to melt the plastic bags together to strengthen them and turn them into mini grow bags. Then I misplaced the needle and growbag production stopped. But yesterday I found the needle and finished one off.

I’m not sure if it will work. Did I put enough compost in?Will the plastic let in too much light that will mess up the roots?But it’s eased my conscience a bit.


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