sourdough tribulations.

I’ve been making bread this year, and there is something good and noble about doing so……BUT….the mess drives me (and H______) crazy! Everything is fine and theraputic until it gets to the kneading stage. Is there anything that sticks to a sideboard quite like wheat and water? How do get to the phone if it rings?Why does someone knock on the door at this stage?Why do you wear your floppy jumper with sleeves that flop into the bowl?

And how annoying are the clumps of dough that stick to your arm hair? It is a nightmare for a man with hairy fingers as well. You think you have it washed off but a hour or so later you will look down to see a shrivelled, hardened ball of dried dough stuck to the back of your finger and up your arm. Bits of dough will have hardened to the sideboard.

If it wasn’t for the stickiness it would be a lovely job. Tonight I tried a new tactic of adding a few sheets of baking paper on the sideboard. Part of me didn’t like the idea as it was killing the environment and wasting paper but I was happy if it prevented it sticking to the sideboard. But as I kneaded the mixture in a bowl on the paper, the bowl slide about. And the olive oil I rubbed on my hands didn’t mean that the dough didn’t stop sticking (though it did seem to come off easier). Sourdough tribulations.


3 thoughts on “sourdough tribulations.”

    1. ohhh nice one….thanks for those recipes -I’m definately going to give them a go in the next few weeks. But before that I should give a few Irish breads a go with it being St Patricks week.

      I did a sort of Doris Grant loaf a few weeks ago and you didn’t have to knead it either. And it didn’t taste bad either, just a bit ‘healthy’ or something…sometimes you just want a nice crusty white loaf smeared with butter or Nutella……

      1. The first two recipes above will *definitely* give you a nice crusty white loaf. The Sullivan Street recipe is tastier in my opinion but the Artisan Bread in Five Minutes recipe gives you a massive supply of dough which you keep in the refrigerator and can bake up in various ways (crusty rolls, pizza crust, etc.) over the course of a week.

        Last week I made a bara brith for St. David’s Day for the first time (the recipe was in the Guardian; I changed it by soaking the raisins and peel in black tea as recommended by some readers) and yesterday I made Soda Bread for St. Patrick’s Day. The soda bread recipe I use has raisins and caraway seeds so I gather it’s not traditional. It’s quite tasty, though.

        I have good intentions of baking more healthy breads but the family is never pleased with the results. I am on a quest to find an acceptable whole wheat sandwich bread I can make at home as the factory-made store-bought versions are topping $4 a loaf.

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