missing Facebook day 1

Well day one on Facebook Lent was easy except for the fact that I want to log on right now and shout about Spurs reaching the quarter finals of the Champions League, especially now that North London arch rivals Arsenal have exited the competition at the hands of Barcelona. Not that I enjoyed Arsenal exiting because there is something slightly smug about the Barca set up and their philosophy. And Messi is frankly too good. So it would have been nice for Arsenal to have made it through and meeting then beating them in at the Wembley.

Yet here I am a lonely Spurs fan who can’t even stick up a status update on Facebook and have JM like it as a my only fellow Spurs fan on one of our best nights. You know you aren’t really aristrocrats of European competition when you are shouting about a quarter final, yet its the best moment I remember over 30 years of supporting Spurs.

Let see what happens next eh?


One thought on “missing Facebook day 1”

  1. Dave!

    I’m also taking a break from Facebook, and the only moment I missed it was when I wanted to share the Spurs joy with you. Maybe we’ll have to use the blogs for celebration.


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