libya – cakes

I’ve already mentioned this in my Facebook status but there is something seriously wrong in a world where British companies have been allowed to sell weapons to Colonel Gadaffi and other despots around the world yet a traditional cheese maker who has made cheese in the same way for years has to jump through EU health and safety laws, spend money doing up their premises to a certain standard and obey law upon law.

I don’t know why I picked the example of cheese makers. Perhaps it would be nearer to home if I wanted to make some cakes in my ordinary kitchen and sell them locally. I couldn’t just do that.

Or it mad that a woman can be thrown in jail for stealing a cheap pair of jeans while the share holders of companies who use steal by paying workers less than button, engage in child labour and several other dodgey illegal practices have to answer to nobody, thats OK.

And its evil that a homeless man who is begging in Belfast is put in jail for 7 days for begging while Barclays Bank only pays 1% tax on vast profits, while those banks who were bailed out by the tax payer continue to pay vast bonuses to employees.


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