human planet / island earth

I can barely watch Human Planet on BBC iplayer – its breaking my heart even though it’s beautiful. Perhaps it should be an uplifting experience  and you’re enjoying it, but I feel so sad, frustrated and a bit angry watching it. What can we do?

Tonight H___ and I watched a teenager from The Phillipines fishing 40 metres under sea with a plastic tube in his mouth carrying oxygen pumped from a rickity old compressor that could give up the ghost at any point (resulting in certain death) because the numbers of fish in the sea are dwindling and they have to push out further and to deeper depths.

Or the  bit where they film an uncontacted tribe in the Amazon.They film the tribe because it is better that they shoot and record them on film than somebody from a mining company shooting them.And on and on.

Of course there are stories of hope in the series as well, but the overall feeling that I get is that time is running out for these people or that traditions are being lost and that things need to change.
The sea levels are rising, the rainforests are being chopped down, the glaciers are retreating. Our machines and technology over the past few hundred years have allowed us to alter everywhere on the planet. We know that we’re an island in space and that there is only so much water for everyone, or fish in the sea or land to be used yet we trundle on  and I can’t see anything stopping it now and  in the end that depresses me.

And to be blunt, because late at night is often when my doubts about God and Christianity seep out – how is God going to pull this one out of the fire?

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