we’ve got to get back to the Castle Gardens……………mannnn.And I hate Microsoft paint.

Walking through Castle Garden’s in Lisburn on Thursday I was suddenly struck by something. The lack of garden in Castle Garden.
The gardens are basically a lawn with a few young trees against the wall.
Well, the lower tiers of it are. I am not sure of the history of the gardens, or who looks after them but it seems like something of a wasted opportunity .
Something like this would be cool. Then you have it as an educational centre for schools and community groups etc.


2 thoughts on “we’ve got to get back to the Castle Gardens……………mannnn.And I hate Microsoft paint.”

  1. Prime location for school visits and the public, smart way to use existing space, cheap to set up, run by volunteers, educating people about the land and where things come from and how we should use it………..never going to happen. I think Lisburn Council can’t afford it when they pay over 38,000 a year on photography (http://bbc.in/e2zCQo). Pity, it’s south facing too! Did you miss the trained fruit trees to fun against the left wall there, or maybe they are there already? 😉

  2. it’s so south facing its unbelievable.And sheltered with the red brick walls that would trap some of the heat.
    I try not to covet land just because we’ve a shady wee garden with no room for anything, but evey so often I see land like this and want to start digging it up….they could even have a wee conservatory that served coffee, organic scones and Fairtrade stuff to keep everyone happy….and there is a nice panoramic view up……er…..Bridge Street and across the M1.

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