Walking along the canal there is a field that has been roughly ploughed. It reminded of a quote  in last Sunday’s Observer from Joel Salatin.

“The soil is the only thread upon which civilisation can exist. If a person could ever realise that our existence depends on literally inches of active aerobic microbial life on terra firma, we might begin to appreciate the ecological umbilical to which we are all still attached,” Salatin told “The food industry, I’m convinced, actually believes we don’t need soil to live.”

That  echoed what I had beeen reading this morning in ‘Salads the Year Round’ by Joy Larkcom.

‘If anyone were to ask me what are the most important factors in growing vegetables, epecially salads, sucessfully, I would reply without hesistation: soil fertility and shelter. So soil fertility is a good starting point.’

Which seems to be true to me. We need to respect and care for the soil.
A few years ago as a symbolic act of our need to treat the soil with respect I decided to listen to the soil in my garden and record what I heard. You can listen to a sound recording below.






































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