the wine in the willows (animal ASBO song)

You may remember a few months ago that I was destroying a book in Wetherspoons and arousing the curiousity of a lady who thought I was mad. She was wondering what I would do with the book and she looked sceptical when I told her I was going to sell it on ebay.
Well that lady was right to be sceptical. I never did sell it on ebay, I decided to use it to mess around and record a few songs instead.

4 thoughts on “the wine in the willows (animal ASBO song)”

    1. its my trusty Yamaha aw16g which I would probably try to sell on if it didn’t have a couple of buttons missing.
      I used to be into recording stuff but then began to hate it and not enjoy it, found it hard to write songs and found myself getting scundered that it didn’t sound right so haven’t really done much the past 3 or 4yrs.
      Have to say though that I enjoyed just messing around a bit with that for the craic, might try some other stuff.

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