how I’m going to try and eat in ’11

On the last page of  ‘Eat Your Heart Out’ by Felicity Lawrence there is a paragraph that I’m going to aim for in 2011.

‘How then should we shop and eat? My efforts, not always sucessful, are still focused where they were four years ago – organically, more locally, more seasonally, more directly from producers and independent retailers, more fair trade, less meat and animal produce, more wholegrains, pulses, fresh fruits and vegetables, few highly processed foods, nothing that claims to be a new or techno food, nothing highly packaged. Follow these principles and by and large you will find you are buying less from production that damages the environment or threatens ecosystems and you are less likely to be eating the fruits of exploited labour.’


3 thoughts on “how I’m going to try and eat in ’11”

  1. If you don’t have them already, get some chickens. They may be the least intelligent of pets but what they don’t have in smarts they make up for in productivity. They have a low running cost and from our 4 hens we are getting 28 eggs a week! Too much for us, even with pancakes and omelettes.

    1. thats like an egg a day per chicken – they must be happy chappies!
      My wife would love a few chickens but unfortunately we don’t really have room for them out the back,but one day it would be nice to get a few.Especially for crepes..

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