science fact of the day – no moles in Ireland

This is like the perfect storm of my life meeting in one moment.

Having studied chemistry at Queen’s for 3years I developed a great dislike for the subject and went through a stage of defacing my Inorganic Chemistry book with a compressed charcoal pencil.

However, there is no point destroying something unless there’s a reason for it and so on the pages about atomic weights and moles I decided to declare for public consumption that ‘Ireland has no moles’. Fact.

Around about that ‘defacing inorganic chemistry textbooks’ stage of my lifeĀ  I also worked in B&Q (which I disliked nearly as much as studying chemistry) and noticed that the gardening section was selling solar powered moles repellers, (somewhere close to the decoy owl section that would stop owls roosting near your house, another common wildlife problem in Ireland at the time….*ahem*.)
Oh how I chuckled to myself as I walked down that section.

Then on a search to find out why Ireland has no moles I discovered that B&Q had realised their mistake and pulled the solar powered mole repellers from the shop. Which still makes me chuckle.


4 thoughts on “science fact of the day – no moles in Ireland”

  1. SNAP with the three years of chemistry at queens! It would be a lovely poetry if you used twelve grams of pencil lead on the inorganic text book. I also remeber the mole “problem” that B&Q catered for. I wonder if anyone bought them?

  2. cool!
    well as a teacher I hope you’ve modelled your teaching style on the excellent lecturers of the QUB chemistry department who used every trick in the book to make learning interesting and stimulating.

    I’m sure you recall with fond memories those Friday morning thermodynamic lectures with Prof R_____ his blackboard full of chalk numbers, like some type of German U-boat code that the Allied Forces were trying to crack at Bletchley Park.

    Or the 3 hour organic lab session to make some type of white substance, put it into wee plastic bags and work out the % yield – usually about 0.45% or lower…

    Fun times!

    The last I remember the solar powered mole repellers where been flogged in the clearance.

  3. Yeah I saw my first mole this year actually on the continent,, Did St. P chase them out with the snakes..?? Maybe they preyed on the snakes and they went extinct that way.. Come to think of it, Patrick’s actions must have had vast untold affects on the Irish ecosystem!

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