winter salad/slug fortress

I’m trying to grow some winter salad for the first time so yesterday afternoon in almost perfect gardening conditions (not hot, not cold, not windy) I filled pots with compost and went sowing winter purslane, corn Salad, Bergamo lettuce and rocket.

I reckon I might have left it too late but we’ll see how we get on. Sure its only an experiment.

Flat leaf parsley (pictured above) and  Tom Thumb lettuce are happy at the moment after a summer in which neither rocket or lettuce wanted to grow.

A combination of extreme  disorganistion from yours truly, crap compost and of course the resident slug population who appeared only to happy to eat my seedlings contributed to this lack of salad production.  Slugs have already taken out my first sowing of winter purslane with deadly precision, an attack I knew would come but still made no effort to prevent.

Its time to face facts. I want  to grow as much produce at home as I can yet I don’t have the inclination to fight slugs. So what am I to do?

I think the trick will be to have the plants where no slug can reach. Slugs can’t fly so it will have to be up some type of tower that they can’t reach. Also slugs don’t like copper so perhaps that could be used in the battle of the slug. Slugs don’t like sharp, pointy things so it will be on something they don’t like crawling over.

Its time to construct an anti slug fortress…


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