cows/church calculation

How much land would we need to supply a church that has 200 families with all their milk for a year?If we say that each family drinks 5L per week that would that each family drinks 260L (5L x 52) per year.
For the church as a whole it would be approx 200 x 260L = 52000L of milk per year.
I found an a figure that each cow in Northern Ireland in 2003 produced 6,290L of milk.
So say 52000/6290 = 8 cows working all the time.

Lets go mad and round it up to 12 cows for the church (you can use the excess milk for cheese, cream etc).

One website recommends a stocking density of 2.5 cows per 6.2 acres so to provide all the dairy we’re very roughly looking at 5 x 6.2acres = 31 acres of farmland.


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