meteor showering


I am waiting for the meteorite show to begin. Vincent van Gogh said

‘I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day.’

and he is right.

The wind is chilly tonight


Helen comes out of the house to tell me that the show isn’t due to begin until 10.30pm.

So I am going inside to get a Jameson’s to keep warm


A large cloud is moving across the sky. At first you get pissed off then you realise that clouds are equally as beautiful as meteorites.


Look at the TV aerial on my neighbours house.What about my neighbours, they’re miracles as well

clouds = spectacular

meteorites = really spectacular

neighbours and humans = most spectacular of all


I haven’t noticed that the sky is clear behind me.Its huge! How am I meant to police that!!?


I want to keep drawing as I was thinking about entering The Guardian graphic novel competition but

1 I can’t see anything

2 If I am drawing I won’t be looking at the sky

3 Its freezing

4 Helen has come out to join me so I should not be rude


It was cold. Truth be told it was a let down, I only saw four shooting stars.

Plus I probably got hypothermia.

I also saw us scaring our drunk neighbour who probably wasn’t expecting two people to be sitting outside in the dark in an unusual place


Read people saying that they saw cool shooting stars just after the point that I went in and starting faffing about on the computer….try not to feel stupid for going out too early..


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