home economics

spring clean

And so the time has come for the annual spring clean  (which I seems to have been missed last year)
Yes, the scraps of paper and tatty notebooks that have been gathering momentum and precious table space here in the study must go…. actually,I say study, but let’s face it, it’s a dining room. Our dining room.

What this means in real life is scan-scan-scan and post-post-post, then edit post and tag post, and try to get them into categories.

Then out will go the bits of scrap into the recycling bin.
In a way I don’t like throwing out the physical papers that have written and scribbled on as some small part of me believes that I’m Lambeg’s answer to Thomas Edison, and that the patent for  lightbulb is somewhere in one of those notebooks that I’m about to consign to the green bin.

But lets face it,it’s probably not.

home economics

clean up operation

I’m looking at the study thinking ‘ I should get rid of  everything that I’m not going to use especially those bits of paper with scribbled notes’ so forgive me if lots of little posts appear with scanned pieces of paper and writing you can’t read.
I like being able to tag stuff on  the blog and gather stuff up into categories, which is much easier than trying to do it on Windows Vista. And there is no point in me sorting it into books because they only end up lying round the place adding clutter and driving me mad.
Then maybe we can do more to take things from ideas to reality.