publish or perish?not sure

This book is a struggle to read, but there bits that voice some of what I struggle with in life, especially when it comes to things such as making a living or why I sometimes feel a bit odd or stuck.


‘..every modern artist who has chosen to labour with a gift must sooner or later wonder how he or she is to survive in a society dominated by market exchange.  And if the fruits of a gift are gifts themselves, how is the artist to nourish himself, spiritually as well as materially, in an age whose values are market values and whose commerce consists almost exclusively in the purchase and sale of commodities?’

This is what gets me down. How to make a living with gifts in a commodity society?

Later on in the book (after skipping out chapters) Lewis Hyde writes this

“Having accepted what has been given to him – either in the sense of inspiration or in the sense of talent – the artist often feels compelled, feel the desire, to make the work and offer it to an audience. The gift must stay in motion. ‘Publish or perish’ is an internal demand of the creative spirit…”

This is what also gets me down also because I feel that ‘publish or perish’ line deep in my gut.
I realise that it could be an idol in my life, something I look to to give me  value or validate me,  but it’s also part of the way I’ve been created.

home economics

rocket stovery

I decided to try a meal on the rocket stove, H___ will go looking for her quick pasta mix one day and not find it because it’s gone, boom! eaten in 20mins, 10mins to get 125mls of milk, 300ml of water and a knob of butter boiling and 10mins to cook the pasta. I was happy with that, it didn’t use too much stick and the smoke died down. I think that less is more when it comes to feeding the sticks. If there are too many sticks the stove will smoke, the trick seems to be getting a steady flame without letting it die out.

I’m also wary of fumes and stuff,  but bear in mind that this is the life for many of the worlds poor. If you’ve ever been to the Ulster-American folk park one thing the sticks in the mind is the smell of smoke and turf from the fires in the poorly ventilated homes of centuries ago.



biscuit tin thing

I’ve become a man obsessed with trying to make a stringed instrument out of some old can/biscuit tins so the house is now a tip and my hands have been shredded by the edges of biscuit tins. I wish I had a shed or a garage as well so that everything I need is there and a work bench, but would it be as much fun?

(The answer to that is yes, of course it would be more fun because H___ wouldn’t kill me for messing the house up. Again!)
So here is today’s model. I’ve learned a lot about what not to do and need a tuning peg system that works, not just some nuts and bolts drilled in the wrong place.

business studies

another day, another email from Christine Lagarde and the IMF.

I’m not sure why the endless stream of spam and scams that ends up in my junk folder keeps me amused.

Sometimes feel a bit ashamed as I wonder if I’m being racist having a certain image in my head of who is trying to scam me. Then I get a bit enraged that someone might be taken in by it.
But how can you not laugh whenever you get an email saying that you have $10,5000,000 waiting in the bank and that the head of the IMF (and President Obama) have managed to find space in an undoubtedly busy schedule to write you a lengthy email?

I have produced Christine’s lengthy and detailed email, I hope she doesn’t take legal action against me for producing a private email in public.

International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Christine Lagarde
For: Investigation Bureau,
700 19th Street, N.W,
Washington, D.C. 20431 USA


I apologize if this email interrupts your privacy, but it very important that I inform you of the most recent development that has taken effect on the release of your Contract/ Inheritance fund, that was initially awarded in your favor. We are aware of your efforts to recover this fund into your account without success, therefore this arrangement has been finalized in your favor, so that you can finally receive your fund safely and with very much with ease.

Be informed that your contract/Inheritance fund valued $10,500,000.00 (Ten million five hundred thousand US Dollars) has successfully been released to the H.S.B.C International Trust Bank, (HSBC). The HSBC LONDON has confirmed the deposit of the $10,500,000.00 in your favor,to the United Nation and have requested that you contact them with your information immediately for the release of money to you. As soon as you receive this email, send the following information:

Full Name
Contact address
Home telephone
Cell phone
and a certified proof of ID


H.S.B.C International Trust Bank, (HSBC)
8 Canada Square, London E14 5HQ, UK.

It is very important that you send them your correct information, as your information would be properly verified before the release of the fund to you, upon the receipt of a United Nation Fund Ownership certificate, which would be issued to you after your information has been verified and certified. This is an important issue to avoid a replica of the false claim on this fund, that was previously made without your awareness. The H.S.B.C International Trust Bank, (HSBC) has also rejected a third party arrangement, to enable them release this money to you without compromise, that is to say they want you to contact them personally.

Hence, regardless of the dismay/trouble that you may have been through in the pursuit of your fund, I advice you not to disregard any part of this email. Rest assured that we are concerned about your well being and this arrangement is not only risk free but would be successfully completed in your favor, matters concerning your security has already been settled with the bank. I therefore advice you to disengage yourself with any other person/bank who has spoken otherwise, further association with them is at your own risk.

Prior to this effect, we were lucky to have had this done legally through the intervention of Mr. president (Barrack H. Obama) and the International Monetary Fund Foreign Debts Headquarters Clearance Unit Washington DC (IMF) in-conjunction with other concerned Europeans Financial Stake-holders/Authorities to pay you once you are able to set-up the account with the H.S.B.C Bank in London. You are hereby advised not to respond to anymore emails that is contrary to this vital information that we just passed to you and make sure you stop every communication from the listed banks used for fraudulent activities which is as follows: (The Skye Bank of Nigeria, U.B.A Bank, Security Courier Firms, Diplomatic Delivery Agents, African Development Bank, Office Of The Presidency, United-Nation Payment Offices Globally, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), and other offices you are already aware of ETC, so as to avoid you being penalized b y the authorities for! viol

Kindly Update me as soon as you have sent your information to Mr. Andrew D.James as required, I have told him that the beneficiary of the money would contact him soon therefore he is expectant of your email.

Christine Lagarde
Managing director
International Monetary Fund (IMF)


play time

oil drone

Oil Drones

I was pondering the invasion of Iraq today, after reading the article above when it appeared in my Twitter feed. The invasion of Iraq kicked off when I was living in Dun Laoghaire so I watched in unfold from a different context.

But I was wondering how I would react if it had kicked off today with Thiepval Barracks nearby and me living here and armed forces being sent to fight in Iraq all in the name of ……well what exactly? The security of my family? Justice? ‘My country?’
Or lets face it, keeping the oil flowing.
Could I do anything about it? Should I do anything about it? Or would I just have to resign myself to these things happening and happening again.

All the churches here in Lisburn and what would we say about it? War is terrible but we just have to support the families and soldiers as best we can? Say that because we’re living in a different kingdom we don’t want people going over to another country fighting on our behalf.

I can’t think anymore, it’s depressing me.

home economics

small things, big difference No1 – mortar and pestle

Technology does many things, but one thing that it doesn’t do (yet?) is appeal to our sense of smell.
Smell is  surely the most neglected of the senses, or it is in this house at any rate.
So if needs arise grind and bash some toasted coriander and cumin seeds, or a few cardamon pods and smell. You’re life won’t turn around but it might be enough to make you pause even for a second.