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Principe borghese and graceberries

The garden has been a bit of a failure, but I take comfort in the fact that it was an experimental year to see what could be grown. One thing I wanted to try and grow is tomatoes, preferably outdoor tomatoes. I bought two varieties, Roma and Principe Borghese. The Roma fell by the wayside long ago but the six Pricipe Borghese are still hanging in there and over the last few weeks tomatoes have been forming.Hopefully they’ll make it.

The plan is to try and make some jars of sun-dried tomatoes, which should be a right laugh what with the sun taking its annual trip overseas – but we’re still on course

Meanwhile in the wild patch over the fence blackberries are ripening and there seems to be a lot of them this year hanging over the fence, ready for the taking. Think I’ll take them in small batches as they appear and freeze  for the winter months.

Thats the sweetest type of food in my opinion, the ‘free from nature  without any work from you’ type of food.


business studies


here is a list of shops on the main shopping street of Lisburn

1  River Island
2  Burton
3  Specsavers
4  The Body Shop
5  Nationwide
6  The Mortage Shop
7  Edinburgh Wool Mill
8  Green’s
9  Daltons
10 Birthdays
11 Thorntons
12 Hedleys
13 Superdrug
14 Bm Bargains
15 H Samuel
16 Boots
17 Barclays
18 O2
19 Jessops
20 Topshop
21 Eason
22 Cafe Koko
23 Waterstones
24 Bon Marche
25 Holland & Barretts
26 Santander
27 Mothercare
28 Ulsterbank
29 Priceless Shoes
30 Ulster Star
31 Orange
32 Game
33 Thomas Cook
34 Halifax
35 Yellow Door

this could be any other town in the UK.